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1YR 10YR
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Short Term Loan Details

  • What is a Short Term Loan?
  • Eligibility Factors
  • Documents Required
  • How To Apply
  • Loan Verification Process
  • Rate of Interest
  • Other Details
Short Term Loans are loans that are taken to finance sudden and temporary personal or business capital needs.

They are instantly disbursed, need minimum to no paperwork and the repayment tenure is usually up to a year from the date of disbursal.


Small businesses, Start-ups, etc that don’t have a line of credit from a bank can apply for a Short Term Loan. Both salaried professionals and self-employed individuals are also eligible. However, the criteria for eligibility can vary from one applicant to another.


  • 21 and above.

Credit Score:

  • 750 and above.

Loan Amount:

  • Up to ₹2 Lakhs depending on your credit profile.
The actual list of documents varies from one bank/NBFCs to another. That said, here’s a list of the most common documents that are expected from all of them.

  • Proof of Identity: PAN Card / Voter ID / Aadhaar Card / Passport / Driving License

  • Proof of Address: Bank Account Statement / Aadhaar Card / Lease Documents / Property Purchase Agreement / Utility Bill / Passport / Driving License

  • Proof of Income:

  • For Salaried Professionals: Salary Slip / Bank Account Statement / Form 16

  • For Self Employed Individuals: ITR / P&L Statement and Balance Sheet / Bank Account Statement

  • Proof of Business: Certificate of Practice / Partnership Deed / GST Registration and Filing Documents / MOA & AOA / Shop Act License not only gives you the best deals on Short Term Loans, but also makes applying for one easy and hassle free.

  • Fill up your personal details such as occupation, city, phone number, etc. Then, click Proceed.

  • For personalised deals on Short Term Loans best suited to your needs, enter your company name, work experience, etc.

  • A compilation of Short Term Loan offers from our wide network of partner Banks and NBFCs will be displayed, based on your eligibility and chance for instant approval. Select a lender that best meets your requirements.

  • Fill out any additional details that may be required.

  • Your selected lender will send you an instant e-approval. Following which, the Short Terms Loans team from will get in touch with you to guide you through the documentation process.
Short Term Loans need minimum to no paperwork and can be availed at short notice. The Short Term Loan Verification Process involves all but 5 tiny steps.

  • Start by selecting a Bank/NBFC that’s providing you with the best terms that are most suited to your needs.

  • Submit an online application for a Short Term Loan on Your application will be transferred by us to your preferred lender.

  • Having received your Short Term Loan application, a representative from will call you to verify its details. A pick-up for the documents required will then be subsequently arranged by us at a place and time of your convenience.

  • As soon as your documents are collected and successfully verified, your Short Term Loan application will be approved by the said lender.

  • Sign the loan agreement and the requested amount will be instantly disbursed to your account.
The rate of interest for Short Term Loans differs from one bank to another. Other factors such as your Credit Score, tenure of the loan and the amount requested, also affect the overall interest rate.

Check the list below to know the current rate of interest on Short Term Loans, offered by some of India’s leading banks and NBFCs.
  • Late payment charges:

Banks/NBFCs may charge a late payment fee if an EMI is not paid on time.

  • Processing fee:

There’s usually a minimum processing fee charged by the Bank/NBFC to disburse a Short Term Loan. In most cases, the standard GST is also applicable over the processing fees.

Short Term Loans. The answer to all your short term financial needs.

Starting at 1.50% interest rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of Short Term Loans?

A plethora of Short Term Loans are offered by Banks/NBFCs to cater to varied and specific needs. Merchant Cash Advances: A Short Term Loan that’s basically a cash advance from a lender... Know More

What are the disadvantages of a Short Term Loan?

While Short Term Loans are very convenient and easy to obtain, the major disadvantage is that the loan amount provided is relatively small. I.e... Know More

How do I repay my loan amount?

One can repay their EMIs on a Short Term Loan via UPI or Netbanking. You can also enable the auto-debit feature to deduct the EMI from your bank account directly... Know More