When do you need to contact HDFC customer care?

HDFC has undoubtedly been one of the earliest and most reliable private banks in India, with proven efficiency and continued customer support. And, this popularity of serving its customers with the best of its efforts has spread globally. One of the prime reasons for such an efficient service of the bank is due to their impeccable customer care process and 24×7 support for most of the services. One can readily reach out to the HDFC credit card customer care number to ask for assistance to solve any and every issue and at any time deemed necessary.

However, for that purpose, one must be sure about the instances in which they can reach out to the customer care of the HDFC bank. So, in the following discussion, we will be discussing the instances where you need to contact HDFC customer care to get a solution.

5 Instances where you need to reach out to the HDFC customer care:

Sometimes, you might not find it necessary to contact customer care, or sometimes the issue might be too trivial to take help from the customer support team. Nonetheless, the HDFC credit card customer care number is always there to help you out with minuscule queries and end-to-end support. However, there are times when the issue is quite pertinent and the same can not be resolved with the help of customer care, for such exceptions, one needs to get in touch with their nearest HDFC branch.

So, here are the five instances when you can connect with the HDFC customer care –

  • When you lose your credit card:

It is one of those emergencies where you must not waste any time and reach out to customer care without wasting any time. When you lose your credit card, the first step is to make your credit card issuer aware of the situation and get it blocked so that no one else can misuse it. All you need to do is to contact customer care and report that the card has been lost.

  • Your account reflects transactions that you are not aware of:

It is one of the most common issues caused by widespread cyber fraud in the present time. So, no sooner do you see any such unknown transactions taking place through your account or card, you must let your card issuer know as soon as possible. Here too, taking help from the customer care support becomes very helpful.

  • Credit card transactions declined:

Sometimes, it can happen that you may be unable to make transactions through your HDFC credit card, and it is getting declined due to reasons that you are not aware of and is continuing beyond a certain period. It might be for various reasons like the unavailability of credit or server issues etc. The most appropriate way of checking and getting a resolution for this issue is by contacting the bank or customer care to be sure of what to do next to resolve the issue.

  • While traveling out of India

When you are traveling abroad, it is crucial that you inform your credit card issuer regarding your trip. It is so that the transactions that you make abroad are not considered fraud transactions, and otherwise, it might create loads of hassles. So, it is always advised to inform your card issuer about the time and date you will be traveling out of India. To know how to do so, the customer care at the bank can assist you to step by step. Reach out to them without any hesitation.

  • When you wish to close an existing account:

For times when you are willing to close an existing account or discontinue the existing credit card you are using, there might be a series of steps one needs to follow and get it done. If you stumble in any of these steps, it might cause you a lot of hassle. So, taking help from customer care is always a better way to have a brief idea of the steps. And you can be well-informed about the procedure you need to go through for closing your account with the HDFC bank.

Other than the instances given above, you can readily contact customer care for any issue you face regarding your HDFC credit card. So, no matter what issue you are facing, feel free to reach out to the HDFC customer care services, and all your issues will be solved effortlessly.

Here is the customer care number of the HDFC bank, which is available for customers all across India:

  • Contact Number- 1800 202 6161 / 1860 267 6161

And for the customers who are abroad can reach out to the following number for customer care services:

  • Contact number- +91-22-61606160


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